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A Snubbed Angel at the 82nd Annual Oscars

7 Mar

Every year the Oscars pay a quick 5-10 minute tribute to those in Hollywood that have passed. This past year had a large death toll, including John Hughes, Michael Jackson, Patrick Swayze, Bea Arthur, Betsy Blair,Dom DeLuise and Brittany Murphy to name a few.  But surprisingly, the 82nd Oscar tribute left out many celebrities from their montage, including the gifted Farrah Fawcett.

Now, I was already all hot and bothered on June 25th when I heard that one of Charlie’s own had lost her battle with cancer. I was livid that the Farrah news was quickly overshadowed by the death of Michael Jackson. But tonight when I saw that Jackson had been included in the Oscar In Memoriam tribute, after he had only appeared in  one major motion picture (The Wiz(1978)), when Fawcett has starred in more than three (including her independent spirit award-winning performance in The Apostle(1997), as well as  See You in the Morning(1989), Cannonball Run(1981) and the fantastic Man of the House (1995), which she starred in with J.T.T.) I was exasperated; and as I screamed out loud, I had to quickly rewind my tivo to make sure my eyes didn’t miss the goddess of 70s popculture-the Oscars are getting sloppy.

Farrah Fawcett is best known for her blown out 70s trade mark hair sported in both her infamous pin-up poster and on Television as  Jill Munroe from ABC’s Charlie’s Angels.  Fawcett was one of few romantic Hollywood discoveries, ala Lana Turner and Schwab’s Pharmacy, a producer saw her picture in a layout of sorority girls in Crashbox magazine in the early 70s and crafted her into a star.  In 1976, she landed a role as one of three kick ass women detectives in the infamous Charlie’s Angels. She has also acted on Broadway and in various Television films. I would say she was much more of an actor than the so-called King of Pop.

At 50, Farrah became one of the oldest women to appear nude in Playboy.

Farrah, I miss your  tendency to follow the instructions of men you have never met, your tight red bathing suits complimented by your angelic glow, and your unnaturally windblown curls.

Farrah Fawcett, I, for one, miss your face-Shassie

*Bea Arthur’s death was also ignored by the Academy. Some intern is going to get a lot of shit for this.

What Ever Happened to Baby Grey?

21 Sep

Today, I did not wake up yawning but rather dancing; my hips began to cha-cha the minute Love is Strange began to wail from my iPod. Moments later I turned on my television only to find that Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986) was on TV again. With the recent death of Patrick Swayze and John Hughes, the face of Jennifer Grey has been plastered all over the small screen leading me to wonder, what ever happened to baby Grey? I dropped all my plans and decided a Jennifer Grey marathon was in order.

 After watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986), Red Dawn (1984), and Dirty Dancing (1987), I was hungry for more Grey, but after her Nose Job in the early 90’s her career had completely disappeared causing her to be unrecognizable and my marathon to a dead halt. It would seem that 1987 really was the time of her life. Jennifer Grey I miss your crooked nose, your body suffocating Jordache jeans, and your gleaming white Keds.

                                                                                    Jennifer Grey, I miss your face- Shassie