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People call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat or a prostitute.

17 Nov


Every good nostalgic blog mentions something about their unnatural crush on a cartoon character from MTV’s Daria.  For me, like many, I was desperately in love with Trent, apathetic musician and older brother to Jane. But Daria was more than just hot cartoon characters.


Daria and her stud, Trent

Daria was arguably the single best cartoon character ever to grace television in the late ‘90s.  She is the reason for my scholarly apathy; Because of Daria, I skipped senior prom, developed a monotone voice and I became the girl who would literally watch the volleyball roll past me in gym class (when I even bothered getting changed), hell my haircut even resembles Daria’s. I didn’t know why I hated high school or my peers, but I knew it was in the same spirit of everything I loved while growing up.  Apathy on T.V. raised my generation.

Daria premiered on MTV in 1997. Her character was first introduced in Beavis and Butthead. In 2002 the show was canceled and doomed to live in syndication on the “N” network.


Daria on Beavis and Butthead

I have been waiting years for Daria to be released on DVD. I once met a friend of a friend whose uncle was the producer of the show, I then begged for a copy but no dice.  It was announced a few months ago in the opening preview to The State series DVD that my wait will be worth it, Daria is scheduled to be released in fall 2010.

Daria, I miss the way you pair large black boots with skirts, the way you get joy out of “Sick Sad World” and your Mark Twain bed shirt.

Daria Morgendorffer, I miss your face- Shassie

UPDATE: Daria on DVD will be out to buy on May 11, 2010!

Plant a Seed, Plant a Flower, Plant a Rose

21 Oct

In 1997, God sent three prized cherubs down to earth. These long golden haired boys had the voices of Angels. To many, they would be remembered only for MmmBop;as nothing more than a band with a one hit wonder. But, to a few hundred thousand fans everywhere they would be worshiped forever. I am talking about Hanson of course.  

When I first saw Hanson on MTV way back in the 3rd grade I assumed, as did many, that they were female, but TRL quickly influenced me to believe otherwise. Carson Daily assured me that the boys’ long locks were not like the coiled hair of a girl or even the greasy mane of a grunge boy, but rather the symbol of a pre-teen sex god.  Isaac, Taylor, and, my personal favorite, Zac had overcome their humble Tulsa upbringing and instantly become icons.Hanson512.jpg image by rachaelmaine

It seemed that after the first Hanson brother album Middle of Nowhere, they vanished from the airwaves. But any dedicated Hanson fan will tell you this is not true. Hanson currently is independently touring and producing their own music and, to the thrill of at least three girls, they are producing many many children.  Just yesterday my friend received Hanson’s autograph when the boys were on the American University Campus.  Their newest album will be released in May of 2010.

Isaac, Taylor, Zac, when you are old and losing your hair, I can tell you that I will still care. I miss your synchronized jams, your long blonde and slightly messy hair, and your pop love songs.


Hanson, I miss your face- Shassie