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When Jordan Catalano Is Around My Whole Body Feels It.

6 Feb

If you are like me you grew up believing that  the better part of your high school career would be spent skipping class to smoke in the bathroom and making out with delicious guys in the boiler room. If you are like me this probably didn’t actually happen. And if you are like me you got all of these ideas from ABC’s early ‘90s drama My So Called Life.

In case you don’t remember, My So-Called Life (MSCL) began in 1994 and was about Angela Chase, a social outcast played by Claire Danes, and her dismal view on the high school experience.  Although the show only lasted 19 episodes its pre-grunge style, unique storytelling techniques, and groundbreaking characters (most notably Rickie Vasquez the first gay teen on primetime T.V.) have made it one of the most memorable shows in ABC history.  However for me the best part of the series was the moody and uneducated Jordan Catalano, played by Jared “ice eyes” Leto.

Every week Jordan had me hanging on his every word. And Jordan looked so good in a blue plaid shirt that I didn’t care he could only read at a third grade level. After the show ended on a relationship cliffhanger I was devastated. But luckily Jared Leto’s career did not die with the series.  I could see a trace of Catalano in every character he played. After MSCL Leto was in a zillion fantastic movies including  American Psycho (2000 ), Requiem for a Dream (2000 ), Girl Interrupted (1999),  Fight Club (1999)  , and most recently as John Lennon’s overweight slayer in Chapter 27 (2007 ).   

Currently Leto spends most of his time writing songs and using his drop dead gorgeous looks to play bass for his band 30 Seconds to Mars. Although the band is decent it is nowhere near as rad as the Frozen Embryos.   

Jordan, I miss your inability to decipher the days o f the week, the way your words slur together when you try to read, and your ever seductive locker lean.

Jordan Catalano,  I miss your face- Shassie

He Acts,He Stays, He Shoots, He Scores.

7 Oct

Where has the strangely inspiring athletic animal whisperer Kevin Zegers gone to? All throughout the ‘90s, you knew that if there was a field or court that allowed animals Zegers was there inspiring his pets to be all that they could be so they could win the big game.

To the general public Kevin Zegers will be forever known as Josh “that boy from Air-Bud.”And for good reason; despite lack of popularity, he continued to make the same movie repeatedly. Zegers reappeared in two Air Bud sequels (Air bud:Golden Receiver, and Air bud World Pup) and a cheap knock-off with a hockey playing monkey (MVP: Most Valuable Primate).

Somehow knowing that Zegers is out there on his own, hiding from the public eye frightens me. I decided to track down his whereabouts and surprisingly it was not hard. He has been working non-stop since World Pup in 2000! Sneakily appearing in shows like Smallville and House.  Then it came back to me, a blocked memory from 2005, where Kevin frequently has sex with grotesque truck drivers for money and eventually ends up working in the porn industry in the film Transamerica.

Apparently Zac Effron's style icon.

Apparently Zegers has not vanished from the public eye at all. Next year, he will not only be appearing  in the CW’s Gossip Girl but also in the remake of Bonnie and Clyde (with H-Duff and another gem of the ‘90s, Thora Birch). 2010 could very well be the most popular year of his life.  Kevin, despite constant subconscious exposure to you since 2000, I miss your persuasive animal talk, your various oversized sport uniforms and your floppy-sloppy ‘90s bowl cut.

Kevin Zegers, I miss your face- Shassie