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Still learning about the complexities of friendship…

16 Nov

Do you know what T.V. is missing? The advice and snappy dialogue of an educator and elder. Not a young hip teacher like Mr. Kotter (Welcome Back Kotter), Doug Stevens (Swingtown), or even Mr. Matthews (90210). What T.V. needs is a new Mr. Feeny.

Mr. Feeny was arguably the best part of ABC’s Boy Meets World and now he has disappeared completely. William Daniels was the man behind the grey mustache.

Daniels had a stellar pre-Boy career. He has co-starred in some of the most influential pieces of pop-culture; he was Dustin Hoffman’s father in The Graduate (1967), as John Adams in 1776 (1972) and as the voice of KITT in the original Night Rider.

Good news, Daniels is still alive and ready for a Boy Meets World Reunion. Currently he has no new projects, although a KITT GPS voice is rumored.

William, I miss your large eternally present mustache, your various neutral colored sweaters and your frank lectures.

William Daniels, I miss your face.

If you’re in doubt about angels being real…

15 Nov

Gillian Zinser’s new surfer chick character on 90210, Ivy, is reminding me of better more simple times, when all a girl needed to do for attention while surfing was pretend to drown like the great pre-teen temptress Gidget.

Gidget was a character so great that in the 1950s -1960s four different actresses had to play her in film, sequel, and television. I miss them all.

Sandra Dee as Gidget

Sandra Dee, the original girl + midget (a Gidget) introduced the role to teens everywhere in 1959 when she adapted the character from Fredrick Kohner’s novel Gidget into the film of the same title. Sandra Dee’s Gidget was blonde and stick thin with a high-pitched squeaky voice. Gidget was grossed out by men and unwilling to grow up. Sandra Dee was a popular actress in many more films including the melodramatic classic that is Douglas Sirk’s remake of Imitation of Life (1959) and also in the Tammy and the FILL IN THE BLANK Franchise. Dee went on to marry Bobby Darrin at age 18. And in middle-age became an anorexic alcoholic.

Deborah Walley in Gidget Goes Hawaiian

The next girl to fill the baggy boyish bathing suits of Gidget was Deborah Walley. Walley played Gidge as a wide-eyed red head in Gidget Goes Hawaiian (1961). Post Gidget, Walley was in 15 major motion pictures, most of them B- movie Beach Flicks for American Pictures. Walley last worked on Television in 1999 in a bit part on Baywatch. Sadly Deborah Walley died in 2001 of cancer.

The fourth lucky girl was Cindy Carol in the non-related sequel to a sequel Gidget Goes to Rome (1963). Carol had the shortest post-Gidget career, appearing in her last film in 1965 in the Brigitte Bardot movie, Dear Brigitte (1965). She was also the least popular among fans, her Gidget rarely surfed and often tested the word of Moondoggie.

Sally Field as Gidget

The last, and in my opinion the most important woman, to play Gidget was the one and the only Sally Field in the T.V. series adaptation of the film. Field’s Gidget was vivacious and conniving. This Gidge got dates, tortured her older sister, helped her community, dated her teachers and met pop stars all while being the model of the perfect daughter to Conrad Bain look-a-alike Don Porter. Sally field, known to most of my generation as the mother from Mrs. Doubtfire (1993), has had the most successful post-Gidge career. She has starred in more than 4 T.V. shows including The Flying Nun (1967-1970) and the current ABC Drama Brothers and Sisters. She has been in more than 40 films including Forrest Gump (1994), Steel Magnolias (1989), Where the Heart Is (2000), and T.V. movie gem Sybil(1976).

Gidgets, I miss your silly resistance towards being feminine, the frequent amount of times you hire boys to be your dates, and your gift for green screen surfing.

Gidgets, I miss your face-Shassie

Shindig! In the Rain.

5 Oct

Today the beach is calling me. Unfortunately, with monsoon rains happening outside I am forced to live vicariously through the MGM’s beach party movies.

Do you remember that girl at the beach party who would randomly steal Annette Funicello’s spotlight as she broke out of a crowd to start singing a ballad for no reason at all? That girl was Donna Loren, the first and the only Dr. Pepper girl. Better known to most as “that girl who sang Rockin’ around the Christmas tree.”

In the 4 beach party movies she is featured in, Donna never had a story line at all, only brief moments of musical bliss. After several appearances on ABC’s Shindig! up until 1967, Donna seemed to disappear(apparently she became a designer and has her own shop in Hawaii). Miss Loren, I miss your upbeat songs of heartbreak, your triangular bathing suits and your Aqua-net saturated hair.

Donna Loren, I miss your face-Shassie

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27 Sep

The tragic loss of class on airlines, especially as it pertains to stewardesses, is a setback that causes me hurt on a daily basis. If the goddesses of the sky would once more refuse to recognize the feminist movement and cease to wear loafers and baggy pants, I am positive that I would not currently be a student in sticky Savannah but rather in mid air on my way to Vegas, serving drinks to illustrious men in skinny ties. Hopefully the lovely ladies of the CWs new reality show  Fly Girls will revive the long lost class of the ’60s. Air hostesses, I miss your snug pencil skirts, pill box hats and your easy virtue.

Sky girls, I miss your face-Shassie

UPDATE: October 4, 2009- The stewardess’ on Delta are now wearing jeans and T-shirts. Airline class is at an all time low.


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Secretary to Sexpot

23 Sep


Do you remember that neighbor with her nose constantly stuck in-between the blinds from Bewitched? Well yesterday I found out that Gladys Kravitz, better known as actress/writer/chef Sandra Gould, has published a sling of dating advice books and articles for women in the mid 1950s. I have spent the better part of my night searching for her cookbook Sexpots and Pans, a woman’s guide to cooking her way into the heart’s of 47 different types of men. Good news, I always wanted to know what to feed my cheating athletic build date. Sandra G, I miss your skepticism and your sexism.

 Sandra Gould, I miss your face-Shassie