I’ve Got You Under My Skins.

13 Oct


In 2007, Great Britain gave America something that was so fantastic most of us forgave them for the decades of colonization and taxation; I am talking about Channel 4’s Skins of course.Now in post production for its fourth season. Oh wow!

The stellar cast of seasons 1 and 2 of the series is long gone and they are beginning to slowly pop up all over the place. This past holiday season Anwar (Dev Patel) was the lead in 2008 Best Picture nominee Slumdog Millionaire and Effy(Kaya Scodelario) of seasons 1-4 had a bit part in the summer sci-fi surprise Moon.

However, one cast member has vanished. Cassie (Hannah Murray), the sweet, blonde, doe eyed and anorexic member of the Skins gang.  I spent all of season 3 waiting for her cameo that never came.

Cassie I miss your crazy mismatched outfits, your bohemian sex addict parents and your distracting anti-eating rituals.

Cassie Ainsworth, I miss your face- Shassie

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