Beebe, my Frenemy. Chicka Chicka.

13 Oct

Kid’s T.V. shows these days are missing a standard character type. Perhaps it went away when the economy got bad, or maybe it just gradually disappeared as the “everybody is a winner” mentality began to smother schools everywhere. Either way it is missed. Where are the classic rich bitch frenemy characters that used to be so important in television shows from the ‘90s? There was Lisa Turtle from Saved by the Bell, Muffy Crosswire from Arthur, and the ultimate frenemy the purple, the bold, and the beautiful Beebe Bluff of Nickelodeon’s Doug.

beebe.jpg image by hiphopsushi

Beebe Bluff had it all. Money, nepotism, and even a middle school built in the shape of her face that was named after her. Beebe’s purple skin and keen eye for Bluffton fashion allowed her to be both a friend and an enemy to Doug and Patti Mayonnaise depending on her mood that day. Beebe, I miss your fetus shaped head, your stylish red pony tail and your plethora of allowance.

Beebe Bluff, I miss your face- Shassie.

Fun Find:Helter Skeeter’s Youtube page.



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