…I don’t miss your face, Ray:the writing stylings of guest blogger Kristina Vance

11 Oct

You are looking at Ray Pruit, AKA the very talented Jamie Walters; whom we all know and love from his 90210 outburst that resulted in his girlfriend, Donna Martin, plummeting down a flight of stairs.  Yes, his abuse did slightly turn us on, however it was his more recent appearance on VH1’s desperation show Confessions of a Teen Idol  that got our blood pressure rising again.  Mr. Walters appeared a new man: tall, handsome, slightly more filled out (not fat, thank you very much) and covered in sexual tattoos.

For a moment, I thought that I missed Jamie’s face, but alas, I didn’t.  Jamie is now hotter, and WAY cooler than all the other schlubs on the show.  No one cares that “Hobie” from Baywatch is/was a drug addict – he wasn’t even relevant in the first place so why should I care? I don’t. 

Any who, it’s been a while since Confessions aired, yet as I  thought about Ray Pruitt while I was driving today, a little piece of my heart fluttered as I remembered flipping through channels and stumbling upon a new, better than ever Jamie Walters.  Jamie is not any more talented, perhaps he is even less talented, however this means nothing to me. Check him,Yep. I know. -Kristina Vance



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