Christina Who?

11 Oct

This happens to all of my favorite shows. It started with Daria, then Freaks and Geeks, then American Dreams, then Arrested Development, then Swingtown, then Hole in the Wall, and now this.

With ABC’s recent cancelation of Samantha Who? I am left scavenging the syndicated clips of Married with Children from afternoon cable programming for my Christina Applegate fix.

Christina Applegate is best known for her roles as ditzy blondes like Kelly of Married with Children; but based on movies like Don’t tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, where Applegate’s summer is ruined after she hides the death of her babysitter and she is left to raise her siblings herself all break. She supports the ungrateful crew by lying her way to the top of a big design company, ala Michael J. Fox in The Secret of my Success, I know she is more than the quintessential early ’90s airhead.

Seeing Applegate’s genuine and flawless performance in Sweet Charity on Broadway in 2005 confirmed it for me, Christina Applegate is one of the greatest gifts television has given the American public. Miss Applegate, I miss your eternal gum gnawing, your glamour shots female mullet and your avant-garde problem solving skills.


Christina Applegate, I miss your face- Shassie

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