Mad Midge

6 Oct


If you were wondering, AMC’s Mad Men is the single greatest show ever to be on the air since Gidget. But, if you have been tuning in at all this year, it’s no secret that the 3rd season is missing a certain amount of ’60s zest from the 1st season;and that certain something is Midge (Rosemarie DeWitt), Don Draper’s borderline beatnik, long term mistress.

Without Midge, the show is desperately searching for a way to introduce the audience to the seedy underground happenings of the village; Kinsey (Michael Gladis) is not the answer. Midge is the first woman to get Draper high and to push him down all in the same night. Midge is the magic of the first season and without her the show is doomed to fail.  Midge, I miss the way you throw T.V.s out of windows, your extensive collections of wigs and your sappy Grandmother’s Day greeting cards.

Midge Daniels, I miss your face-Shassie

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