Secretary to Sexpot

23 Sep


Do you remember that neighbor with her nose constantly stuck in-between the blinds from Bewitched? Well yesterday I found out that Gladys Kravitz, better known as actress/writer/chef Sandra Gould, has published a sling of dating advice books and articles for women in the mid 1950s. I have spent the better part of my night searching for her cookbook Sexpots and Pans, a woman’s guide to cooking her way into the heart’s of 47 different types of men. Good news, I always wanted to know what to feed my cheating athletic build date. Sandra G, I miss your skepticism and your sexism.

 Sandra Gould, I miss your face-Shassie

One Response to “Secretary to Sexpot”

  1. Alicia September 28, 2009 at 4:28 pm #

    Sexpots and Pans. That title is too fantastic for it to be impossible to find today. A campaign should be started to raise awareness about this woman (10th anniversary of her death, maybe?). I can’t believe I’m only just finding out the whole story about nosy-neighbor Gladys. Thanks for the info, Classy Chassis!

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